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Reasons Why I Do Not Like Females (In No Particular Order)


Because I don’t.

Reasons Why I Do Not Like Males (In No Particular Order)


They send texts like “Haha fuck you in your ass”.

Umm, no. I do not ever plan on having anal sex, or any other kind of sex, with you. That’s not cute honey, and I’m not laughing.


They think its funny to urinate on sidewalks and watch it drip down the walkway as people walk through it.

I had to witness this tonight. Enough said.


They have high standards meanwhile they walk around smelling like a stale bag of Funyuns.

Its bad enough being short so if by the slim chance I decide to hug you, and my nose suddenly shuts down like the government because my face ends up being shoved into your unclean armpit, you better not try to pass judgement on any female. Men ain’t never been that high and mighty. Especially while smelling like the horse’s ass.


They think “talking” to more than one female at a time is socially acceptable.

You and your friends may laugh about fucking one girl after the next, but when that special test comes back positive, guess who’ll be the one laughing.


They think love is a game.

Its not funny to play with anyone’s feelings. That’s why you have husbands and wives shooting their spouses and children in the middle of the night. Keep playin, and soon its going to be you laid out on the kitchen floor. 


They are very self-absorbed.

If they don’t care, it doesn’t matter. Fuck your feelings, they just want to stick a dick in something. 


They are very egotistical.

Men brag about their cars, shoe size, penises, money, muscles, hoes, and other materialistic items because they themselves are worth nothing at the end of the day.


They are unappreciative.

You can give them your whole heart and all they’ll say is “Suck my dick.”


They think its their world, after all.

Women do not have to adhere to all the rules and regulations that men try to place over our heads. 


Because I hate males, period.

Show me a good man and I might change my mind. On second thought, I won’t. So don’t bother.

Satan’s Dreams

Last night, I went to bed around 2:30. I was relaxed from my first ever yoga class at the gym, but I was slightly tipsy from a tangerine Four Loko the boys bought me. I was supposed to get high too but they took forever getting a lighter. By the time they knocked on my door I had enough presence of mind to know that English class took precedence over me uncontrollably giggling for the next two hours. This was just as well, I am (or at least am trying to be) self-resolved not to indulge in such sinful pleasures anymore. I rewrote my two papers, which only took ten minutes. Switching around a few words and adding a few sentences didn’t take as long as I thought it would. My roommate and her friend showed me this video of a blasphemous prophet on Youtube who swore he was sent by the Holy Spirit to deliver the Word. But the only “word” he was delivering was of profane language. I was not amused. I turned out the lights, watched the second episode of Grey’s on Netflix, turned the cold air on, and settled underneath my covers and rocked myself to sleep.

Little did I know what my subconscious held for me in the darkness. I slept with two men, one young, my age, and one old. The young one was kinda cute, and I liked him. He was my height. We were in a room that looked very similar to that of a former friend. However the surroundings soon melted away. The bed was floating among a pink sky filled with clouds, and the sheets were satin. I slept with him because I liked him and he promised me something, which I ended up never getting. I got out of bed, the satin sheets wrapped around my body, and went out of the door. There was an old man, short, with a gray beard. He told me if I slept with him I could fly someplace. So I did, even though I really didn’t want to.

Next thing I knew I was on a flight to a Vegas-like place. Then I was in a casino. Looking quite grand and lovely, I went to the bathroom. In the stall I took a pregnancy test that came out positive. I felt a passive panic spread through my body as I walked back out onto the casino floor. Then, out of nowhere, these men clothed in black raided the casino, spraying their guns every which way. I ran and ran, running through secret passageways and sometimes coming face to face with the men dressed in black. They would shoot at me but intentionally miss. I finally came to a secret passageway that was a dead end. There was a man in a suit already hiding there. One of the armed men was behind me, and had found us. The thought of me being pregnant and faced with death flooded my mind. I opened my mouth to beg for mercy, but before any sound could come out, a glowing hand like God’s own, swept out of the sky and wrapped its fingers around the man’s fingers on the trigger and pulled. I woke up feeling too weak to go to class this morning.

I have my initial counseling session tomorrow. 

A rose is still a rose by any other name.

A rose is still a rose by any other name.

What’s Done In the Dark Always Comes to Light

The one person I have ever allowed myself to fall in love with slept with someone behind my back. I feel so ugly, not in the aesthetic sense. Just, I wish I wasn’t so dumb as to let this happen to me. I told him I wished he would die and rot and hell. Which was totally not in my character and very un-Christian of me. Lord forgive me.

My one good best friend I have left tells me that not all men are bad. But I find that hard to believe when this coupled with the fact that I just found out another dude that I was talking to at one point in time got a girl pregnant while he was talking to me. Its so much to take in. 

I deserve to be angry and sad and frustrated and upset and want to cry and scream and throw things. But right now my mind is blank. I’m not going to cry, and I’m through screaming.

I just don’t trust anyone now. Anyone.

For Colored Girls = Relevant.

Men spit on the ground and cloud the air with smoke
Natural sway cutting through fumes
Of shit, and bitch, and, slut, skank, hoe.
When night falls and the women are asleep,
The devils lay with their groundkeepers.
Who slither along in the dim moonlight
Probably handled by the palm of moonshine.
But when soft dawn breaks, glass hearts split in two.
The devil has laid his dust upon the innocent.
Sediment settled into your lungs.
Nobody can help but breathe upon everything they touch,
And this is no different than that grime there on the wall.
It will never be clean again.
Our kind are still disabled, by the curve of our sway.
While mask wearing men wear white robes by day.
But the women wake up with unspeakable contamination.
They will never be clean again.
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Nothin’ like four beauties at the HoJo.

Nothin’ like four beauties at the HoJo.

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"I was reborn when I was broken"